The Trends that may change the Future of Gaming industry

Video Games have evolved through-out the years and developers are working even harder with so many competition and demands of high specs. The future gaming industry will change with the invention of time and trends.

Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go was a success. It has already kick started a new trend that will be the heavy development of AR in the future.

Parents as gaming promoters 

In recent surveys it has been proven that almost 70% parents play video games with their children. Nintendo has been famous for years for playing indoor active games indoor.

Transparent game design 

Transparent development process is growing fast to become influential. Getting it online can make it easy for the audience to interact in the real time thoroughly. In short the gamers will become supporters of that game once it is releases.

Virtual Reality 

VR technology is a major breakthrough in the gaming industry. Observing its huge success in the market the developers are working day and night to bring out the most interesting headsets to fire back competitors. With this in the near future the increase of VR games can be seen more and more. All can expect an explosive growth in VR games and VR headsets.

Educational Video Games

The Video Game Industry and its technologies benefits majorly from the educational video game market. With the process of bettering the school system, online may become more and more common place. With this new trend, educations gaming titles focused on teaching skills could soon be interested more regularly.

Personalized Video Game Content

Future gaming industry is concentrating on personalizing with the user. High end video game consoles in the future will be able to know a large amount of information about the player and then use this information to customize the content. This can be one way for players to get special and unique experiences every time they turn on their consoles.

Gaming on the Cloud

High end video games are of huge amount of data and requires console to enhance their storage capacities accordingly. There will be a point where these consoles can no longer be enhanced and can’t keep up with the data demands for top games. The cloud system can be one of the solutions for this problem. This way you can get the best out of your gaming experience and not have to worry about storage limits.

The Role of Console

With features like full 4K and VR the console will grow into multimedia device which are full of entertainment. Mobile phones are already a strong media, but it only gets stronger. The mobile market will dominate even more and everyone will desire to have the approachability of it.


Gaming industry is changing day by day and it is lively and consistently appealing the young and old folks equally. The latest technologies will modify the picture of gaming in future. The goal is to make the games more simulating for gamers to explore. Involving all the above points will actively advance the gaming industry to rise to the utmost level in the future

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