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415th Guntown Gucci Boys

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After a while Jeezy removes traces of Los Santos due to his criminal actions that make him a fugitive. He and his six colleagues, Marcus, Jeslyn, Demario, Kane, Brent and Blake have committed multiple policemen with guns and attempted to rob a shop in the East Los Santos area. However, they failed in the robbery because there were several SWAT members who came at the time of the robbery and they escaped from the scene and tried to remove traces from Los Santos for a while. After some time the six of them managed to escape from SAPD's target and chose Chichago Illenious or often referred to as Chiraq for the fugitives, they performed their activities in Chiraq as street gangsters such as, Killing, Robbing, Rape, and drug trafficking or firearms. But they also get reports that someone is recording their actions and reporting to the police, they are back in the incar and Squakey is captured by the police in O-Block and it makes them increasingly threatened to be caught. They again fled from Chiraq and headed back to Los Santos again with a false identity so that Los Santos airport security did not know who they were. Arriving at Los Santos they try to hang out in the Idlewood area and there they get a lot of people from the black race who want to join them. They chose to continue the Folks Nation generation at Los Santos and start from the name 415th Guntown Gucci Boys. 415th is a complex number located in Idlewood adjacent to Crystals Garden. previously they were known as the 69th Insane Chiwood Boys in Chiraq, but they created their group with a new name so no one would recognize their identity. Until now they are still running their gang.


Day by day they was passed some criminal activity, it would be like Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Murdering, Drug Smuggling or something else. Jeezy handle the block with Demario and Kane, day by day everybody came and join with 415th and hang out like what they doing before. One day they had a couple of niggers in a blue sentinel and wore some blue bandanas. the men directly approached them and asked about the alley symbol, it turns out that the unknown person is from the Insane Folks Nation . They discuss some topics in peace and while they are all friends. The man known as Dee did a gangster-like handshake with Jeezy and declared Insane Folks Nation with 415th Guntown Gucci Boys allied. Their goal is the same, that is to blow up the Ganton Grove Streets who claim to be the Green Opps it is because they are always making chaos and seek a quarrel between several gangsters in Los Santos.




  • Faction ini berbasis Nigga Gangster.
  • Semua cerita diatas tidak diambil dari manapun, cerita tersebut asli diketik oleh @KrabzKillaz
  • Kami menerima orang orang yang bergabung dan belajar bersama kami.
  • Ras nama harus ditetapkan menjadi Negroid.
  • Seluruh roleplay harus tentang modern gangster.
  • Tidak SARA.
  • Tidak menggunakan progam ilegal.
  • Tidak melanggar rules yang ada di server SurabayaGamers Roleplay.
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