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Yakuza Weapon Killer's

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Daichi Daisuke is a strong fighter with a strong disregard for his own safety during fights by shrugging off all wounds and damage. He has a falling out with his father, the Boss Daichi and spends years in the American jungle fighting mercenaries. After a battle against opposing soldiers, Daichi is found by Red Tiger and his team, a Japanese special agent who informs him that his father was assassinated.

  Daichireturns home to find his old hideout is now a sleazy loan shark operation run by a former junior lieutenant in the Yakuza, and a rival Yakuza boss, who is double crossing him and trying to unite the other clans under his control. Daichi is then ambushed by his old Yakuza flame, under the perception that he abandoned her when he left for America. Upset with this turn of events, Daichi destroys various Tatsuya holdings until he finds that Sister Nayoko is kidnapped by Kurawaki himself. Daichi attacks the Los santos high-rise headquarters by blowing it up and rescues Tatsuya, Caspar escapes in a military helicopter and blows off Daichi right arm and left leg. Daichi manages to retaliate by shooting down the helicopter with a grenade launcher. survives Daichi, but is severely scarred and dependent on a life-support robotic machine and his assistant plan to raise an army of mind controlled thugs, which includes Daichi former sparring partner and blood brother Tatsuya, who has been driven mad due to the rape and death of his sister at the hands of a rival crime lord.

 After 4 years leading the Yakuza Weapon network in Japan. Caspar earned his own reputation, making the Yakuza to acknowledge him as a man of influence among the Japanese Crime organization. Then he was called by The Yakuza and was asked about the request that he offered 4 years ago. Yet, his negotiation and words amazed the Yakuza. He asked for the Yakuza to work with him, alongside with The Yakuza Weapon, conquering the illegal business in United States of America under Caspar command, not his Father command. The Yakuza then accepted his offer, but with one condition, It would only send its junior member to Los Santos to help Caspar.

Vision Young Man

 Caspar then take a flight to Los Santos, alongside with Daichi from Yakuza. What lies ahead in San Andreas is still a mystery, beyond what Caspar can imagine, but his vision remains strong. He wants to create a Yakuza that overruled his Father’s one. It’ not that he hates his Father, but because he believes in his potential and nothing is impossible for him to achieve,

And the longer Yakuza Weapon sells illegal goods such as cocaine and weapons, and other illegal illegals.

Mission and Business

* Sunset Boulevard Crew runs all operations around the Ocean Dock ports, controlling overseas shipments and business.

* Significant income also came from their cab company operated by Carmine.

* The traditional and secondary income of the crew stems from bookmaking, loansharking, and extortion, as well as truck hijacking


How to join?

   * Semua perekrutan adalah ICly. Anda dapat bergabung dengan Perusahaan kami, atau Bergabung sebagai Insider
   * Anda perlu memperbaiki bahasa Inggris Anda dan Skill of Roleplaying sebagai Mafia
   * Bergabunglah dengan kami dengan karakter utama Anda dan jangan menjadi orang yang menghambat atau tidak aktif.
   * Jika Anda memiliki pertanyaan dan masih bingung untuk bergabung, cukup kirimi saya pesan pribadi.



Nama karakter yang kamu punya terdahulu:



Nama OOC:

Nama forum:

Alasan masuk faction ini:

Apakah kamu bisa meng-upload screenshots tentang roleplay dengan rajin?:

Contoh screenshots roleplay kamu saat ber-roleplay dengan kami:

Guide :





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38 minutes ago, Pablo said:

btw ini kan film ya?

Edited story

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5 minutes ago, 「agler」 said:

New mafia? wohoooo. keep it up bro!


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