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Found 1 result

  1. Craps Hornec Crime Family

    The Craps Hornec is a category of French organized criminals operating in France. Criminal groups associated with the Hornec work in every major city in France, but are mostly concentrated in Marseille, Grenoble, Paris, and Lyon. However, the Hornec often works with foreign organised crime. The four most significant pillars of the homegrown "French" underworld are the Corsican mafia, the French Maghrebian criminal organizations, the French Black criminal organizations and Traveller-based organized crime families. Meaning of the word The term Hornec literally means middle and figuratively society or environment and refers to the set of criminal figures operating in the French metropolitan areas who are known to the public for being involved in high level organized crime. This category does not include criminal organizations that were formed in another country, such as the Italian Camorra, the Albanian mafia, Chinese Triads, Serbian mafia or the Turkish Kurd PKK- or Sri Lankan LTTE-affiliated criminal clans that are known to operate in France. History The "Hornec" was represented until the end of the 1990s by "Godfathers" ("Parrains" in French), who generally controlled a city. The "traditional Hornec" is the direct successor of this "Godfathers era". In Paris, from the 1920s to the 1980s, the predominant areas of criminal activities were prostitution places (Pigalle, Rue Saint-Denis). Pigalle was the neighbourhood of many famous gangsters of the French capital, especially Corsican Godfathers like Jean-Paul Stefani, Ange Saliceti etc. Many influential gangs were based in Paris, such as the Tractions Avant gang during the 1940s and 1950s, which was involved in many robberies throughout the country. During the 1970s the most powerful gang in Paris was the Zemmour crime family, a Jewish/pied noir clan. The Zemmour brothers controlled prostitution in the French capital and were considered to be Godfathers of Paris before their assassinations in the early 1980s. After Zemmour's fall, prostitution has been gradually deserted by the Hornec and the major criminal areas of Paris became the poor suburbs (Montreuil, Saint-Ouen, Aubervilliers, the Banlieue Sud etc.) with drug trafficking, robberies and many other activities. Since the 1980s, many gangsters from the Banlieues or the poor neighbourhoods have been prominent in the Paris underworld like Claude Genova until his assassination in 1994, the Gang des postiches until their disbandment in 1986, the Hornec brothers, the Banlieue Sud mobsters, Rédoine Faïd and others since. Marseille, has a long criminal history. During the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, prostitution as in Paris was the most important criminal activity controlled by the two Godfathers Paul Carbone and François Spirito. Between the 1950s and 1970s the major activity was drug trafficking with the French Connection probably organized by Corsican clans such as the Guerini crime family, the Venturi crime family and others. After the French Connection disbandment, the "Hornec" of Marseille was dominated by the Italian-French gangster Tany Zampa, who was in conflict with Jacky "Mad Jacky" Imbert and Francis "the Belgian" Vanverberghe (in French "Francis le Belge") for the control of racketeering and drug trafficking. After Zampa's arrest in 1983 and his suicide in 1984, the Marseille "underworld" was headed by the [Mad Jacky gang and Francis Vanverberghe until the end of the 1990s. Francis "The Belgian" is considered to be the last "Godfather" of Marseille. He was murdered in Paris in 2000. The main activities and businesses of Vanverberghe were taken over by Corsican mafia and several mob bosses of Marseille after his death. Craps Hornec at Los Santos! at the beginning of 2003, the hornec gang entered the los santos area to commit crimes such as rob banks, drug smuggling, illegal weapons smuggling, they started their business by opening showrooms in downtown los santos, private farm near flint country, and they began to recruit new members to crash hornec progressing forward. Criminal activities : prostitution, racketeering, drug trafficking, murdering, robbery, smuggling, gun trafficking, gambling, bribery, and fraud. Available Jobs : Private Drivers Security Guards Mechanics Taxi driver at Jacques Company ORGANIZATION STRUCTURES Commander Group: Made up of leaders, who plan out operations & crimes for lower ranks to commit. Support Group: Assign tasks such as backup the brigadier when bad things happen. Always ready to drive-by and evacuate brigadier Security Group: This group need skill to protect & have a high intelligence. Spying to target, and secure the area before Brigadier execute the mission. Brigadier Group: Committing crimes such as robbery, kidnapping & murdering. Craps Hornec Rules ( IC ) No fighting among members. Members aren't allowed to commit sex with another family member's wife. If a family member is killed ( by another member ), no one can commit murder ( in revenge ) until the boss gives permission. Members aren't allowed to talk about family business to non-members. How to join ? All recruitment is ICly. You can join our Families, or join as a Insider You need to improve your English language and skill of Roleplaying as criminals ( mafia and gangster ) Join us with your main character and don't be a retard or inactive. If you have a question and still confuse to join, just send me a personal message. Credits Muhammad Daffa / thread creator Fiki / logo designer Wikipedia and google translate All Craps Hornec members who build this family. CHECK OUR VIDEOS :