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    Crenshawn Crips Boulevard 50s: African American community that is based at the Las Flores, the community is known by surrounding neighbourhood to be full of life and mischief, teens as young as the age of 14 going around causing trouble from petty theft to street vandalism as the older generation are left to keep an eye on them, teach them and also protect them. Seven members of an alleged northwest Los Santos gang appeared in federal court Wednesday to be arraigned on charges in a grand jury indictment.In all, the grand jury indicted 12 members of the Crips street gang in northwest Los Santos, accusing them of assaults, robberies, carjackings, and firearms and narcotics trafficking across Metro Detroit.Unsealed Wednesday, the indictment alleges the Detroit chapter of the “Crips Boulevard 50s” is a branch of the national street gang founded in Los Angeles in the mid-1970s. Authorities say the Los Santos chapter has 150 members.The indictment alleges the chapter is a violent organisation responsible for numerous crimes in Los Santos in the past nine years.“The gang uses violence to avenge acts of rival gang members, to intimidate witnesses and to advance members’ positions within the gang,” according to a statement by federal authorities.U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said under the Detroit One initiative, and through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ Comprehensive Violence Reduction Partnership and the FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force, law enforcement identified the leaders and key members of the organisation. Federal prosecutors asked for all of the defendants to be held in detention. Mazjoub set detention hearings for 1 p.m. Thursday.“The Los Santos One partners are systematically dismantling the most violent street gangs in Los Santos,” McQuade said. “We believe that by removing the gang members who are committing violent crime, we can provide our neighborhoods with the public safety we should all expect and deserve.”ATF Los Santos Special Agent in Charge S. Robin Shoemaker said the gang’s brazen display of violence is over.“(We) will see to it that these dangerous individuals and those who will take their place are removed from our streets. No longer will they threaten the safety of our citizens,” Shoemaker said. Crenshawn Crips Boulevard 50s also known as the Boulevard 50s, consist of three active African-American street gangs, 67 Crenshawn Crips and the 57 Neighborhood Crips as well as the 58 Neighborhood Crips, located on the West Side of South Los Angeles, California.Their Rollin 50s neighborhood stretches from 54th Street to 59th Street, between Vermont Ave to Western Ave. The Rollin 50s Crips are part of the Crenshawn Crips and the Boulevard 50s alliance. OOC RULES:- You must follow the server's rules.- When you join the faction, a CK agreement must be sent to my inbox. With this you agree with the faction leaders to CK you if they think so that's needed.- When you are in game you must stay as IC as possible, /pm if possible and keep /b to a minimum.- No flaming and arguing on this thread.- If you want to post screenshots make sure you get permission from myself ( @Shooters. ), PM me on forum if you wish to gain acess.- No trolling in faction, if you troll you will be kicked from the faction immediately.- Always remember to RP a acceptable amount of fear. Screenshot Permission When new to the faction, you must send a PM and request for permission, before posting anything. We have strict rules we'd like you to know before you post your screenshots.If you wish to get screenshot permission, you must contact either @Shooters