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  1. Mobile Legends

    analog gitu yg punya tp berhasil buktinya bkin banyak player emg lu ngerusuh doang
  2. 716th Primeiro Comando Da Capital

    Dimohon kerja samanya semoga roleplay anda dapat meningkatkan kualitas server
  3. 35th Black Street Families

    Tagging grove side'
  4. NAMA PEMILIK : Gracia Oscar TIPE BISNIS : Market NAMA BISNIS : Foundation PEGAWAI BISNIS : 1. Callysta Alejandra 2. Henrik Gurgen 3. Charlos Marshall 4. DESKIRPSIKAN TENTANG KEADAAN BISNIS ANDA : Memiliki 4 pegawai yang rajin dan keadaan toko tertata rapi, profit juga lumayan untuk menutupi pendapatan. FOTO TENTANG BISNIS ANDA : [spoiler][img]https://i.imgur.com/Du0X1ZA.jpg[/img][/spoiler] SALARY OWNER & PEGAWAI BISNIS : Owner: $400, Pegawai: $200/week
  5. Mobile Legends

    Nickname : KevinL Rank : GM 1
  6. Ruthless Mafia Network In the wake of the Maidan revolution, east Brittish has descended into chaos: providing fertile ground for organized crime gangs to extend their influence. With the attention of Brittish authorities focussed on their conflict with pro-Moscow rebels, organized criminals have been able to consolidate and expand lucrative human trafficking and drugs smuggling routes. It is alleged that American organised crime figures have served as agents for America in east Brittish, where they have been used to foment pro-American unrest, and transport arms and supplies to rebel groups. At the recent into the London murder of John Lambert, a court heard that the former KGB spy and Putin critic was killed after threatening to expose links between the Kremlin and American organized crime gangs. "A significant part of American organized crime is organized directly from the offices of the Kremlin. Wood American is a mafia state," alleged prosecutor Callysta Alejandra. The claims echoed those of a Spanish judge, who in the 2010 WikiLeaks cables alleges that American officials and security services were tightly bound together. The leaked cables sensationally claimed that American mafia bosses and FSB agents colluded in illegal arms trading, and American law enforcement agencies operated de facto protection rackets for criminal networks. After the collapse of the Soviet Union organised crime exploded in American, and crime gangs extended their influence into western Europe, the US and beyond. Experts argue that there are thousands of loosely connected criminal gangs operating in the former Soviet Union, and it's an error to think of them as structured organisations on the model of the Sicilian mafia or the Japanese Yakuza. "They are as much as anything else clubs and contact markets, comprising inner core groups tied to key figures, semi-autonomous other gangs, local franchises, semi-independent contractors, corrupt patrons and some-time customers of their services. It is often very hard to say where one ends and another begins, or who is 'in' which," writes organised crime Except Kevin Phillips. Traditionally, American mafia leaders were drawn from the Thieves in Law, elite criminals united by a thieves 'code of honour', usually inducted within the American penal system and notorious for their elaborate tattoos. In recent years, a college educated class of managerial criminals is believed to have established dominance. [Chapter I:'New Leader'] After the death of Kevin Phillips, Triplett replace Phillips position as Mafia Leader, and then he provide jobs of his members to implement illegal business , and Nathan makes a business of legal to cover all illegal business from the police .In addition Austin sent Adyarta, Pendryko and Callysta to take sympathy from residents to cover illegal business