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    Brum... brum... brum... I will be arrived in here, ASAP.
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    Ini bank ape tempat tempat olahraga ada basketnya?
  3. The Solntsevskaya gang was founded in the late 1980s by Samuel Kirillov and Tony, a former waiter who had served a prison term for fraud. Based out of the Solntsevo District of Moscow, the gang recruited local unemployed, aggressive young men as foot soldiers and also made use of thief in law Dzhemal Khachidze to enhance their reputation amongst established criminals. The Solntsevo District was also strategically located near the M-KAT highway leading to Ukraina, as well as the Vnukovo International Airport. Controlling these transport hubs allowed the Solntsevo group to muscle in on the car import business. But by the early 1990s, the Solntsevo's dominance was challenged by the Chechen mafia. Together with the Orekhovskaya gang and other Slavic mobs, the Solntsevo made an alliance to drive the Chechens out. The gang war claimed many casualties, and in a gun battle at the Kazakhstan Cinema six Chechens and four Russians were killed. The gang was at one point linked to criminal mastermind Semion Mogilevich, through whom they laundered money. But a 1995 party at a Prague hotel, attended by Mikhailov as well as Uzbek drug trafficker Gafur Rakhimov, was raided by Czech police who received information that they were planning to kill Mogilevich there following a dispute. Mogilevich himself was nowhere to be found, having received advance information about both groups' intentions. By the end of the 1990s, the Solntsevskaya gang started moving into the banking sector, a move which enabled them to launder their money as well as get closer to the. The Solntsevskaya Bratva, also known as the Solntsevskaya Brotherhood or Solntsevskaya gang is the biggest and most powerful crime syndicate of the Russian mafia. The gang is currently most active in Los Santos, even though it has its groups all over the world. Territory: Parts of the USA (Los Santos with most activities), Eastern Europe, France, Switzerland, Balkans, etc. Founding location: Russia, former Soviet Union. Ethnicity: Predominantly Russians and former Soviet nationalities. Criminal activities: Human trafficking, racketeering, drug trafficking, extortion, murder, robbery, smuggling, arms trafficking, gambling, bribery, fencing, pornography and fraud. Rise to power The Solntsevskaya gang was founded in the late 1980s by Yegor Mikhailov, a former waiter who had served a prison term for fraud. Based out of the Solntsevo District of Moscow, the gang recruited local unemployed, aggressive young men as foot soldiers to enhance their reputation over established criminals. At first the gang was involved in smuggling cars, while doing that their bank account was increasing. With the money they earned from smuggling cars they could afford themselves weapons, drugs, women and more soldiers. The gang was at one point linked to criminal mastermind Sergei Timofeyev, through whom they laundered money. Sergei helped them a lot in their criminal actions, such as assassinations, heists, drug trafficking, etc. Mikhailov was pretty satisfied with Temofeyev's work so he hired him and named him a "brigadier". That gave Timofeyev permission to rule up to 4 smaller groups of people. Not long after he was named as a "brigadier", Timofeyev earned power, money and respect from other small mafia groups. Timofeyev was so good at his work that no one could even say a word to him, he was like a legend to them. After some time Mikhailov decided to spread his gang in other countries like USA, Canada and Mexico. Mikhailov gathered his squad and went to Los Santos to start their business there. In the beginning it was very hard for Mikhailov to hire new people, because he didn't knew town at all, then he met Roman Goebells. Roman Goebells was a guy who had a restaurant and a club in Las Colinas. Roman and Yegor were hanging out and they became good friends... One day, Yegor decided to tell Roman about his gang and Roman seemed to be interested in joining in. Mikhailov was pleased with Roman in his gang and gave him a squad of four men. They started operating all over Los Santos. They were hosting illegal gambling and underground fighting events and with the money they earned from that, they bought guns and drugs from their suppliers. When they got weapons and drugs they sold it for a lot more money than what they bought. They got filthy rich from that and just when everything was perfect, they had power, money and respect, Roman suddenly had a hearth attack. Medics were fighting for his life but he passed away. Mikhailov was sad about it and he closed himself in his room for 2 days. After that he organized Roman's funeral and managed to transport Roman's body in his home land, Israel. Few weeks after that, Yegor was arrested by LSPD. He was accused for killing a witness. In the 1990s, the Solntsevskaya dispatched Vyacheslav Ivankov to Brighton Beach, New York City, and Mikhail Odenussa to Atlanta, Georgia, to take control of the Russian mob activities there. The FBI was alerted to Ivankov's presence, however, and after a long investigation he was arrested and convicted of extortion, becoming the first thief-in-law to be convicted in the United States. While Ivankov was not as successful, his counterpart Odenussa has been controlling Russian organized crime in Atlanta for over 20 years, while avoiding prosecution. Odenussa has had a firm grip on the city, with an army of killers to back him up. Although not as large as the drug cartels of Mexico that have sent men to try and set up shop in the Dixie Capital, Odenussa and his cohorts have out gunned the Mexican drug cartels and the African American gangs in Atlanta. The Solntsevskaya have also been active in Israel, primarily using it as a base for money laundering. But attempts to infiltrate Israeli politics were countered by vigilant law enforcement. The organization is also involved in the international cocaine trade, with its links to Colombian drug cartels brokered by the Cuntrera-Caruana Mafia clan. Formation - CLASS OF 2017 Solntsevskaya Bratva is believed to have been formed in Jefferson in the early 2017. It's all started when Tony Afonso got the approval from Samuel's crew, Samuel Kirillov to make his own crew. Tony Afonso had also used the place that Vince and his first members of crew took to build their first front, Solntsevskaya Bratva as the begining of their name. Tony Afonso is believed to have been the first official boss (Samuel) following by the key members also include Peter Ozerov, who fronted his operations by starting the Jefferson Pawn Shop action as a front for his criminal activities. Then Ivan Fokine and Ivan Vladimir, the current holder of Jefferson Apartment that is currently running through the help of Samuel's fund. Territory and business Under the leadership of Samuel, a percentage of Samuel Crime Network crew profits come from his Pawn Shop. Solntsevskaya Bratva runs all operations around the Ocean Dock ports, controlling overseas shipments and business. Significant income also came from their Jefferson Apartment operated by Vladimir. The traditional and secondary income of the crew stems from bookmaking, loansharking, and extortion, as well as truck hijacking Samuel Crime Network Samuel Kirillov Crew is one of the eight crews of the Solntsevskaya Bratva operating in Eastmoor Avenue of Los Santos. The crew is currently led by Samuel Kirillov, a 40 years old Russian descent working for Tomy Bratva, the head of Solntsevskaya Bratva. The crew was known for its large number of skilled and astute members. Samuel Crime Network, led by Tony is currently working under the command of Samuel Crew, also Samuel Crime Network. Our recruitment is based on a simple system. If you are looking for a good paid job working as a mechanic for ECC design, private driver, security guard or fisherman, then it is the perfect time for you to contact us. Available jobs: • Mechanics • Private drivers • Security guards • Fishermen How you can recognize that we are hiring? Well, it is very simple, at least twice per week you will notice an advert [Golden Opportunity in Employment]. This should be your first step in getting into the faction as a simple employee. You will be tested for 3 days and after that, some illegal tasks are going to be handed to you ONLY if you will accept our CK policy in order to get into the faction. The main idea is that if you will be able to accomplish the illegal tasks without being caught, in one week you are a full member of Bratva or SCN. In that 3 days of your employment, you will get multiple legal tasks like, transporting goods, driving, guarding and more other activities. What you have to know: 1. The advert is: [Jefferson's Pawn Shop in Employment] 2. You can call us even if don't want to RP as a mobster, if you want to keep your legal profile is your choice. 3. We are accepting RUSSIANS ONLY in this faction, in order to keep Russian RP at its level. HOW TO JOIN? To acquire a permission to post screenshots on this thread, please contact @Mamadolay on forum with this following application. SUBJECT: [ SCF Application ] Your_Nick RULES OUR SAMUEL CRIME NETWORK This is Russian Mafia roleplay Always be guided by both threads Join us mean we allowed to CK you Asslicker, faction jumper, etc is unacceptable here Follow server rules Respect each other If you want to join, make sure the character you use is main character And it is strictly forbidden to manipulate screenshots (( Stories will be added according to the roleplay we experience. )) GUIDE ! OFFICIAL MOD PACK: SEDOT DISINI GAN! Credits goes to: Who has make this theard: @Pablo @Mamadolay Wikipedia and member of Solntsevskaya Bratva S:RP. @Mamadolay for official mod pack.
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    Good luck, ese ! Ditunggu RPan nya sama EIGHTEEN !
  5. FULL NAME : Oscar Vato Jonathan NICK NAME : Oscar GENDER : Male PLACE OF BIRTH : Puebla, Mexico. DATE OF BIRTH : 16 April 1999 CURRENT AGE : 18 years old. BLOOD TYPE : O. HAIR COLOR : Black. RELIGION : Christian. HEIGHT : 5' 10" WEIGHT : 190 lbs. REGISTERED ADDRESS : Apartment Idlewood, United States of America. SEXUAL ORIENTATION : Straight. EDUCATION BACKGROUND : Panamerican University LIKES : Rap music, DJ, very seductive women. DISLIKES : It does not seem to exist. LANGUAGE(S) : English Mexico FAMILY : Pablo Vato Jonathan Leslie Duncan Hamilton Jay Charles Madai OSCAR'S STORY Oscar Vato Jonathan, born in Puebla, Mexico on April 16th, 1999. He is a son belong to Pablo Jonathan and Leslie Hamilton. He has a brother named Jay Madai, who's three years younger than him. His father was a graphic designer and his mother was a housewife. Someday at Oscar's School, there's a Police Officers doing seminars about basic self defense, drugs effect, and some introduction to Police equipment. Oscar's was very interested in the seminar. And since then, he has decided that he's gonna be a Police Officer when he's grown up, a good one. POLICE DEPARTMENT At the age of 17, he's joining the Police Academy, and months later, he's successfully became a Police Officer. He's partnered up with Sean Arkwood, who is Carlo's good pal on the academy. Two months on the job, Oscar's already got an Officer of the Month reward from the department, because he's a hardworking, honest cop, and he likes to keep it that way along the way in the department. Five mounts on the job, Carlo's been promoted to Detective and transfered to Organized Crime on the 27th district. This division contains seven best detectives and works on major cases, such as arms trafficking, arson, sexual assault, etc. And, Carlo's got a new female partner named Lindsay Smith. Carlo's and Lindsay's relationship is getting better and better because they're like to go toghether whether its on duty or off duty. 1 months later, Sergeant in Oscar's unit, Sergeant Alexander Dawson, knows the relationship between Oscar's and Lindsay from one of the detective on the unit, Detective Jason Rixton. He doesn't allowed /in house/ relationship like that because he thought that it will obstruct their detective work. So, Oscar's and Lindsay decided to cool down their relationship. Because of that, Lindsay started to move out of control, she likes to party hard, drinking alcohol, and even very often to come late. Sarge Dawson called Oscar's to his office, telling him what's up with Lindsay, and after a long conversation he told Oscar's to keep an eye for Lindsay and always have Lindsay's back. Which means he allowed their relationship to continue, but they must promised that it will not obstruct their detective work when it comes to cases. Oscar's agreed. Love? Awkward time with Elizabeth Someday, while Oscar was walking through the block around his house, a car approached him and accidently rammed him He fell to the ground. Suddenly the girl came out onto her vehicle and asked for apology to Oscar. She offered Oscar for a ride to his home. Oscar nervously accepted it. While on the way, both of them introduced each other, Girl whose name was Elizabeth Anne from Scotland, he recently moved out from Scotland to London for Educational Purpose.After arriving at Oscar's house, Elizabeth gave her phone number to Oscar. " Take this number, just in case you're hurt or something " She said. After that, she left. Tomorrow after that accident, Oscar always thought about her, " I think I love her in first sight " Oscar couldn't do anything except thinking about Elizabeth. Until He decided to give a change to call Elizabeth. He took his phone and carefully typed the key pad. After the phone was received, Oscar asked to Elizabeth about a meet in somewhere nervously, until they made a deal to meet each other at the cafe near Oscar's house at 7 AM, Sunday. Together Sunday, 7 PM. The night that had been promised. Oscar and Elizabeth finally met for the second time, they talked about each others' personal including Life background, Address, etc. Until the third time, they finally became a friend. Their relationships became much closer, they supporting each other when problems are occured. They introduced each other to their family and their friends too, until they met for the fourteenth time, Oscar decided to admit it to Elizabeth about his heart. " Elizabeth, I think you're becoming my daily needs, I am incompleted without you. Would like to be my girlfriend? " She was crying after heard What he was talked about, She hugged Oscar and kissing him. and She said while crying " Yes.. baby, I love you ". Oscar's life had completed with her. They have fun together. " Oscar.." She said, " Yes? " He replied. " What if we seperated? and we won't be meet togerther? " She said worried. " We won't be seperated, just believe with me, darling. Everything is okay, don't believe with what people said about us. " Oscar said, confidently. Elizabeth and Oscar never be seperated, They were the real love. Even they known as " Romeo and Juliet " at their School, well it's seems funny at all. Darkest past Someday, she was calling Oscar afraidly. " Oscar, please come to my house. I need your help, please.." She said. " Don't worry Eliza, I'll come to your house quickly " After Oscar said that he quickly ran off from his house to her house. After he arriving at her house, Oscar shouted Elizabeth for 3 times, trying to call Elizabeth. When there was no response, he forcely opened the door. When he inside her house, everything seems to be quiet, there was no light available inside. Oscar looked for Elizabeth at the dining room, bathroom, bedroom, anywhere. Until in the main hall, the lights suddently flicked on and Elizabeth and their family congratulated to Oscar " HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR! " Yes, that day was Oscar's birthday, 16 April 2003. " I am losing her" Elizabeth and Oscar sometimes walk at the park at sunset. They usually have a dinner togerther, everyday. They never afraid losing each other, because their relationship become much closer and closer. Until Elizabeth received a sad call about her dad, he passed away at Mexico Hospital because of Leukimia. Oscar feels sad about her, Elizabeth is depressed, She couldn't control herself. She sometimes talks to the wall, Jonathan hugs her warmly and said, " Don't worry, I will protect you from anyone who hurts you " Time passed out, day changed month, month changed Year and Oscar and Elizabeth was unstoppable. Their relationship became stronger and closer. After their relationship at the age of 7th. Oscar had a plan to propose Elizaabeth as his fiencee. He started work more harder in South Carolina Engineering Co, his contribution and dedication were dedicated to Elizabeth Anne for their relationship much further. In the day of Oscar's propose, something went wrong. Oscar found that Elizabeth died in the Car collision in London which it made him crazy. He became addicted with alcohol, It makes Oscar losing his job. He thought his life was over. Oscar's condition became worse, it makes his family worried. Until the decision was made, his family moved to Manchester in order to start a new life and helped Oscar to forget Elizabeth his bad experience. They moved in a well large house at Old Quebec, Greater Manchester. Lesson learned On the first day in Manchester, the weather was bright and sunny. Many people were playing with their families and friendsin the public park just few blocks from his house. Oscar just felt that his room is dark and quiet, nobody hadn't talked with him since few days ago after he moved. It made his mother worried. She adviced Oscar to go outside and get some friends in the City. But, Oscar replied with rejectment. He just spent his day by sleeping at the bed, everytime. He sometimes wrote a diary or even a short story. His story was representing the feeling that happened from Oscar's experience and past. However, he kept his door closed which it made his mother and family worried about him. His mother decided to keep persuade him by keep advicing to walk outside otherwise, she would bring Oscar to mental hospital. Finally, Oscar did his mother's advice. He walked outside, heading to the centre of park, Manchester. It was a great day in Manchester, it still clearly bright and it was summer as well. Oscar took his few steps around the park. He was exicted with everything. He could see houses, apartments, castles and bridges everywhere. It was beautiful" That's why it's called Greater Manchester " Oscar's comment to the Manchester. He found a tree, it was heading to the north of a river. Oscar layed beneath the tree, after laying. He read his favourite book, which it was called " Life is simple "He started obsessed with his book, because of that. He tried to fix his life and start a new one. However, his bad habbit couldn't help him. Elizabeth still existed on his mind. He couldn't make it disappear. Atleast, he tried few ways, even though he searched about it on google. His last hope was looking for a friend. He used social medial such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Actually, he planned to meet his old friend on London, his name is Charles Thomas. He worked in a clinic at London, he would visit him ‎on winter vacation if it was possible. Oscar emailed him, directly. He told his past experience since the death of Elizabeth. Because he had no choice, he thought his life was over. " Life is mean, my friend. I think you're too dramticly reacted it " Charles told that to Oscar. " I don't mean to do that, mate. I mean She was my heart, I couldn't let her go "Oscar replied to Charles. " There're thousand of beautiful girl out there that they're looking for his love, it could be yours if you think you can handle it " Charles motivated Oscar to start a new life. The sentences suddenly changed Oscar's berhavior. He became more fun person. He had no doubt about his decision to let Elizabeth go Oscar rented an apartment on the centre of city, leaving his family. With Few pounds he would be life for 10 months. First Day However, Oscar had a bad habit. He addicted with alcohol, he sometimes drank in the nearest bar which it was few blocks from his house. It was called Thomas' bar. however he still had his hobby. He sometimes took selfie and posted it on his social media, the place that he chose were point of intrests in Manchester. Oscar thought that His habit hadn't cured yet. He should took a rehab on the nearest clinic. When he arrived in the clinic. a security officer told Oscar to takea seat and wait. After an hour of waiting, his name finally was called. Oscar reached out from the seat, and heading to the clinic room. Oscar met with a beautiful girl, She had brown hair and beautiful smiles." Hello there, My name is Diana Hallings. " The ‎Psychiatrist introduced herself to Oscar. Oscar confortably had a good conversation with her, starting from introducton, hobby, and anything that could be a topic. On the first day, Everything seems to be normal. Nothing happened, He thought that it was a normal day in Manchester, with Psychologist Staff beside him inside a great Clinic in the Town. Oscar slowly talked about his life, from his childhood until his darkest experience with Elizabeth. Oscar admitted that his life was over, He hadn't lover until today. " My life is fu*ked " He added some P.S on his conversation. Diana as the Psychologist Doctor found out that He got a mental problem. She thought that his Girlfriend had a really such a great meanings to him. The Clinic became so quiet, after Oscar stopping his conversation with Diana. The Air became colder because of the Air Conditioner which located around the roof. Oscar couldn't stophis tears from his eyes until Diana decided to stop the treatment as she would continue it tomorrow. Second day of treatment Second day of the treatment. Everything was good, Oscar tried to hold the tears by telling some important things. Dianna couldn't give him an advice after he finished his story. Remembering Elizabeth equals eating a dynamite. It would make his health even worse than before. Elizabeth on his mind should be replaced, That's the only way. She wrote a progress of Oscar's treatment for the past two days. "I could've done this case before" Dianna thought. "He was very possesive but He was sweet and friendly toward her friends." She couldn't wait for the third day and wanna see what would happen for the next third day, fourth day, fifth day and even a month since the treatment had started. Oscar and Dianna in the Cafe Next day, Dianna had a little jogging with Oscar in the Park. " I think this city is the greatest, among London and Liverpool " Dianna talked to Oscar. " Yea, I agree " Oscar replied. After jogging in the park, They moved their destination to a Cafe that heading to a big garden which located on the north. The cafe was the strategiest cafe in United Kingdom. They ordered some coffees, it was perfect activity in sunset. While drinking coffees, Oscar and Dianna had a great conversation on there, Dianna told her story from the past, her childhood, school, university until being a ‎Psychiatrist. She had the darkest past like Oscar either, however She never admited or showed that toward everybody, including her family. She wouldn't let her darkest past revealed. She placed her feelings on her heart. Dinner time! The treatment progress became much longer. But, Oscar and Dianna became a good friend, A good relationship that Dianna hoped. Seems like Oscar had forgotten Elizabeth from his mind. " My mind stucks in here, actually " Oscar couldn't find anything, They had good memories. Dianna became an important friends on his heart. " I fall in love to her, probably. "The treatment had been finished, It took about 2 months to be finished and Oscar's mental had been recovered. Dianna was a great Psychiatrist. " I think I should give her a gift " Oscar decided to buy a small gold pendant which that was Dianna's favourite pedant. Not only gave her a gift, he also invited her to have a dinner in the great Restaurant on the centre of Manchester. of course Dianna gladly accepted that offer, well that was such a great offer for a woman. They would meet together in the La De Norman Restaurant at 8 PM. The time that had been promised, 8 PM. They met together in time, They sat in the table that reserved by Oscar few hours earlier. They ordered some foods and drinks as well, everything was fun and ran smoothly and they ate the food that had served. But, yeah they were too close as friends. Dianna taughted Oscar to accept her challange." Oscar, how about some challanges? " Dianna said. " What challange?" Oscar replied, " Let's drink, and let's see who's gonna finished it first " Dianna taughted to Oscar. Oscar accepted her challange. Oscar took the beer, and then he drank it. It was suprising to know that Dianna finished more earlier than Oscar. Oscar ordered some drink to the waiter and Dianna ordered that neither. They kept drinking until They had enough and couldn't control themselves. They were drunk and finished the dinner with a crazy happiness that they felt. Oscar called Dianna " Depressing Girl " and Dianna called Oscar " Crazy Snow " and They walked in the street at 10 PM. They walked few miles away from the restaurant in the middle of cold night, heading to Dianna's house. After arrived at Dianna's house, weirdly they walked into Dianna's house. Something went wrong.They layed at a bed " Oscarr... I love you so much..hmm " Dianna was drunk and flirting Oscar, " Yea.. I love you too, I just want hitting you in because uhm.. you're hot like a sun sets on Britain " Oscar replied. Oscar said his words " You're seriously the most depressing girl I ever met " They were making out very passionly, and hook up started. Everything was quick, until a day later. Oscar in United States That night was unforgettable, Oscar went to his apartment in morning. He could remember every part on that night, it was driving him insane. " I told her to stop that, that was the biggest mistake that I made " Oscar commented. Oscar was able to hear her moans. He couldn't control himself, He didn't mean to do that. Few days after that accident, Dianna was pregnant and It made Oscar felt guilty. He decided to move away from his life. He turned off his phone, unrented the apartment. He afraid he would become father, because he didn't ready with that responsibility. He bought ticket and fly away to San Andreas, California.In San Andreas, He arrived at Los Santos Airport. He met with his friend, spending his 3 months on there. He learnt Graphic Design in Morissa, California. Oscar very enjoyed in United States. Whether, He missed his homeland in Manchester. He bought a ticket with the schedule that had been applied. In the airport, Oscar was walking to the departure gate.He could remember everything that happened on that night, Dianna probably aborted the baby. Oscar decided to live in his family's house in Manchester, he lied everything that happened to his family and he was looking forward for a job. Oscar reached out a daily newspaper, looking for a recruitment for employement, but there wasn't any suitible jobs for him. He also looked up in the Internet for a job, but the almost 80% of the contect regarding the job were part time. Dianna with their baby After looking for a job, he was tired. He couldn't find any job for a week. He was hopeless, he decided to email his friends to give him any advice for a good job in Manchester. His friend emailed Oscar to apply in Greater Manchester Police Department, they're looking for a firefighter. Oscar was intrested, not a bad job probably. He could life with that job. Dianna with their baby Oscar couldn't forget his experience, he just want to apologize Dianna for everything that he done. He went to Dianna's house, after arriving at her house. He knocked the door by his right hand, someone showed upIt was Dianna, her appreance looked different. Her tummy was bigger, it means she was pregnant. " Oscar? what are you doing? " She said with suprised reaction " Oscar? What are you doing here? " Oscar replied, " Why you keep this baby? I thought you've aborted it? " She rejected for abortion process." Because I love you " Dianna replied, it made Oscar more guilty. I could've accept her as my girlfriend, but why she did that? Oscar confused. " Dianna, I am so sorry for everything that I've done " Oscar apologized, "No Oscar, It was my fault. I'll handle this consequences" Dianna replied with beautiful smile on her face She said that whether she missed Oscar, she could cuddle their daughter as reminder. Problem When Oscar knew Dianna was pregnant, Oscar's became a very grumpy person, drunkard, gambler and finally he took out all his savings due to debt and he was removed from the police. Move to Los Santos and meet with Ayala And with little money, he used the money to go to Los Santos by boarding an airplane. And upon arriving at Los Santos he met his old friend from Mexico called Ayala. Oscar and Ayala talk to each other, Ayala invites Oscar to join in an alley he founded. With the offer Oscar directly joined in the alley named "18th Willowfield Griggos" or commonly called "EIGHTEEN".
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