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  1. Westmont Avenue Bloods

  2. [Character Story] Thomas Audison

    di perjelas lagi alur ceritanya. fix again
  3. [Character Story]Zakhaev Petropavlosk

    Accepted. Meet administrator level 3+ to approved your character in game.
  4. [Character Store's] Alissa Lyzonka

    Tambahkan kata kata yang lebih menarik dan usahakan jalur cerita panjang dan nyambung. fix again
  5. [Character Stories] Arguello Coronado.

    Buat character story nya dengan sekreatif mungkin dan alur ceritanya benar. fix again
  6. Locked. change owner bussines
  7. Locked. change owner bussines
  8. 35th Black Street Families

  9. 69th EastSide Black Disciples

    Apakah sudah beranggotakan lebih dari 5 orang ?
  10. The Matheiu Organisation Network

  11. Gang Begal Crew [ GBC]

    Lock and Archive.
  12. Yakuza Weapon Killer's

    Perpanjang lagi story kalian.
  13. [OFFICIAL] 35Th Grove Street Avenue

    Lanjutkan Roleplay kalian.
  14. [OFFICIAL] 35Th Grove Street Avenue

    OFFICIAL FACTION. This faction will be up rank to OFFICIAL as remembering your roleplay activity is almost requirements. Congratulations for you already get a Title Official Family, hopefully you can do roleplay more creative, and do not breakrules on the server. Regards casual