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  9. Nickname: Arguello 'Coro' Coronado. Level: 1 otw 2. Origin: Mexican. Character Story: [CHAPTER 1: PLOT] Arguello Coronado, the protagonist, is a outgoing young teenager from San Diego who attends Leucadia Prep. It has a majority of white children and he feels different from them even though he has only a slightly darker skin tone. One summer he goes to stay with his cousin, Sofia Coro’s uncle, Ray, wants to beat up someone but Danny is afraid to tell him who. When his uncle leaves, Danny goes by car with Sofia and some friends to Del Mar Fair. In the car Coronado experiences his first drink of alcohol and at the fair they feed some goats celery which causes Danny to remember his dad. He also sees a girl called Liberty which gives him a funny feeling. Later, Arguello and Vannessa' friends go to the theater and he sees Liberty again in the queue. Another time Arguello is playing a baseball game for money with a boy called Uno against two other boys, Carmello and JJ. Vanessa's and Coronado's Uncle Tommy are close by and he overhears them talking about his dad abusing his mom. The boys keep raising the stakes until JJ grabs the hat with the money inside and runs off. Uno pursues and tackles him, but JJ's friends also get involved with the fight, beating up Uno and Danny. Then a boy from the Los Padres scouts comes to help them, which enables them to get away. Arugello gets a phone call from his mother in San Francisco, who tells him how beautiful the city is but suddenly starts crying. She tells him that she wants to be a family again so will be getting him in a few days. So Uno and Danny decide to have one last baseball practice at Las Palmas. That evening Uno and Vanessa talk about their lives and how they would change if they were like Arguellos. She tells him 'Anyways this girl climbs up the ladder real slow, right? But her parents let her do it all by herself. And the whole time she has this huge smile in her face. And when she gets to the top of the slide, she sits there for a sec, clapping her hands and laughing. Her parents hustle around to the bottom of the slide and she says ‘Here I come’, its like she was saying it to the world' (pg. 212). Uno takes Arguello to his old school and they found Kyle a future baseball player who has been scouted. They have a baseball game, again for money, but Danny and Uno lose and after having a fight with the boys they head for home. At Vannesa's house they talk about the future. As the story ends, Uno and Danny go to their favorite spot and throw some rocks where Arguello realizes that even after all he's experienced, he's glad to be where he is today. [CHAPTER 2: RECEPTIONS] A New York Times reviewer described the author's characterization of Danny as "remarkably human," and his treatment of the themes of self-discovery as "never corny, sentimental or sappy. Additionally, the novel's use of Spanglish sets it apart from other young adult novels, making English-speaking "readers . . . feel like outsiders among the hard-edged kids of National City," a reviewer for The School Library Journal noted. However, with time, the reviewer added, "[the characters'] language starts to feel familiar and warm.] Rohrlick, for Kliatt, was also impressed with de la Peña's "terrific dialogue" and his use of "street slang".[5] Reviewers recommend the novel for "mixed race"[6] readers. The issues of biculturalism in Mexican WhiteBoy and other works were the subject of a conference presentation by the author at the University of Arizona's 2010 Tucson Festival of Books.[7] Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna is best remembered in Mexico as the man who saved his own life by signing over all Mexican rights to Texas. It was the beginning of a process that would eventually see Mexico lose more than half of its territories to the United States Credits: @ElMachete & Wikipedia.
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