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  1. FULL NAME : Stokes Barrett Dixson NICK NAME : Barrett GENDER : Male PLACE OF BIRTH : Compton, Los Angeles. DATE OF BIRTH : 03 December 1995 CURRENT AGE : 22 years old. BLOOD TYPE : A HAIR COLOR : Black. RELIGION : Christian. HEIGHT : 170 centimeters WEIGHT : 50 kilograms Stokes Barrett Dixson was born in Compton, Los Angeles on third December 1995. He has family of three, there are His father, his mother, and him. His father name is Rakeem Barnett, his mother name is Malinda Arionna. They're working in the same places, they're working at Compton restaurant since 1990 untill now. He leaves from the school since elementary school grade two. Since twenty years old untill now, he's a drug and arms dealer. He offers more gun like Desert Eagle, Glock, M4, Sniper riffle, Ak-47, Shotgun and more. At the twenty one years old, the detective was calling him to doing a transaction arround his turf Compton, Los Angeles. Barrett was fery happy due his all day found more customer gonna bought his illegal items. Barrett was know the face from the detective, after he know that directly he takes out his gun and shoot the detective. The detective has die due his head already executes by Barrett. Shortly after that, he leaves from Compton and go to Los Santos, San Andreas due for fear of being caught by the police. He has arrived at airport and buy the ticket for goes to Los Santos, San Andreas. The ticket price is $1,000,00 U$ Dollar cause he choice the VIP room. Before he goes to airport, he sell all illegal items to his friend with cheap price. His friend like that, and Barret git $200,000,00 for sell all his illegal items. He bring all his money toward Los Santos, San Andreas. He has arrived at Los Santos airport, then he goes to find appartement without cheap price, it mean high price. Finally, he found it on Willowfield, Los Santos. He bought it just $100,00 U$ Dollar. He tries to find people like 'black ass' to makes a CRIP$ gang on there. He was found James Curry and his friend. He succes for make CRIP$ at that place. After he lives at Los Santos, he selling again some stuff like Glock, and marijuana. Too many customer at there, all days he was found five customers at Willowfield. He got $10,000,00,00 U$ Dollars after selling more stuff. Now he is a people rich at Los Santos.
  2. 109th Royal Crips

    109th Royal Crips, an African-American street gang with the thirst of blood and power devouring the streets of Los Santos day and night The 109th Royal Crips was founded in the early 90s by a street boy that now goes by the name "Royal King" also known as Levy Johnson. This gang is also known for throwing up "R's" and "C's" symbolizing "Royal Crips" to represent who they are and where they're from, this gang uses Black and Blue to represent through the streets of Los Santos. The 109th Royal Crips are big on war currently with the local known street gangs Bloods, and Mexicans. Their massive criminal gang record? Very massive containing past and present robbery,drug trafficking, street fights, gang related shootings, murder and much, much more! Stokes Dixson was born on the 3rd of June, year 1995 at the local Saint Marys Hospital located in Los Santos. Him being an only child made him want to find brothers to have his back and make sure he didn't die too young. Him being only 10 years old joining his first gang as a Crip also known as the "109th Royal Crips". Years after he fought and fought for the 109th he then only sooner became a Royal King. The name "Royal King" was not just given to him due to him taking step as a leader but it was given to him because of his strength, knowledge and leadership given throughout the years as a 109th Royal Crip. Through these long, sometimes evenlonely dark nights in these cold streets Levy has lost many brothers due to Gang Wars and Prison Time. Chapter 1 - The Royal King Uprise 109th Royal Crips was founded in the early 90's by the Royal King also known basically as Stokes's father, The Ol'Royal King back in the day didn't take shit from nobody, he formed this gang to make sure he stays on the top of the food chain and with his gang would follow. Only a few years after they started up did he find Stokes roaming the streets with a few wanna be gang bangers trying to make Stokes take the fall for everything; only after this was the Ol'Royal Kingready to place Stokes in his gang as a Yvng Recruit placing a full-sized gang behind his back unlike his friends have ever done for him. Stokes took this into note and grew up under the Ol'Royal King's roof not only soon after calling him his own real father. Of course he appreciated the king and all but after years and years of growing up with the Ol'Royal King did he finally pass away leaving everythingin Stokes's hand giving him his last few stripes never earned making him the New Royal King of the 109th Royal Crips. Chapter 2 - Only One King Left After Stokes earned his last few stripes before the Ol'Royal King passed, he then thought it was time to find fresh recruits straight out of the Los Santos Streets. Throughout his tough search of Royal Crip Recruits day and night, a never-ending struggle of finding recruits who aren't afraid to join up and eventually mess up he then found a group of fresh street bangers with no stripes, no rep, no nothing. He then took in these rookies after asking them "Are you afraid of us?" and of course they said "Yes, very....." so to them Levy said "Well don't be, we're here to raise you as our own now, stick wit us and you'll do just fine.". A few days later of hanging out with the 109th Royal Crips Levy found out that one of the Crips hanging around was a Spy for a random lost blood gang. This "fake crip" was taken down to a private dock near an ocean to be taken out once and for all for the dishonor of the 109th. The remaining crips left with Levy back to the BloCc they claim and represent back then and to this day. THREE MEN SHOT AND KILLED IN DEADLY SHOOT OUT. Early on Monday morning, bodies of three men where found dead on the side of the road. A suspect has yet to be identified by officials, but the death has been found to be a likely gang-affiliated attack by a gang that calls themselves "932 Madstone Crips". Officials have said that the attack took place at a house party down in Willowfield Los Santos at midnight, and was one of the deadliest shootings in months. The bodies were found in black trash bags on the side of the road. All three men ran to the street before being viciously gunned down. The murderers of the three men are to be investigated more thoroughly. LS Times managed to get a word with the neighbor who found the bodies. "We woke up in the middle of the night after we heard shots outside, but we hear that almost every night, so we didn't even pay attention and went back to sleep. I remember hearing shouts and calls, something about "MadStone" crips, and fuck Ten deuce, I didn't think anything about it at the time because I thought it was just kids screwing off in the middle of the night. I wish I had been right because those where good kids I knew them very well, even though they were affiliated with a gang it's just not fair for someone to be killed in cold blood, my prayers and wishes go to the families and friends of the victims. If you have any information that could help the investigators, please contact the LSPD Homicide Department. How to join? Character development is a must, you cannot become affiliated/ragged without developing your character to the fullest. Screenshot permission is required as we want to maintain high standards. • Follow all server/faction rules. • Remain In-Character at all times. If you must have an OOC conversation, feel free to use the /pm feature provided. • We strive to maintain a high-standard of In-Character roleplay. Trolling and/or any other form of unrealistic actions/roleplay will not be tolerated. We strongly encourage members to sign the CK agreement also.
  3. 26th Seville Boulevard Bloods