Get Lucky with the Easter Bingo Bunny Egg Hunt

Why is it that when someone mentions Easter – the first thing most people think of is the Easter bunny and Easter eggs? Well, Easter occurs in springtime, and rabbits have always been associated with this season. But there’s more to it. Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, was known to keep a hare as a companion – apparently symbolizing fertility. The hare was later replaced by the Easter bunny – some say probably because it’s cuter than a hare! Easter eggs and bunnies featured heavily in spring festivals in olden days – and now they’re the two images most commonly identified with Easter time.

Bingo Easter egg hunt with a difference

And it’s not just kids who have fun looking for Easter eggs – adults get their fair chance too with Easter bingo games offering attractive prizes and bonuses for uncovering Easter eggs while playing bingo online. So take advantage this Easter time and sign up for one of the many special Easter bingo offers available on most of the bingo sites online – or download a bingo app and play bingo on your mobile while travelling on the train or waiting for an appointment.

If you’ve never played bingo online before – you really have been missing out. Without doubt, bingo is the single most popular online game around the world. Primarily because it’s a universal concept and so easy to play – and online bingo has many advantages and benefits.

Play bingo anywhere

Yes, you can even play bingo on your phone and tablet. In fact anywhere you get an internet connection. Just log into a bingo site online and get access to an amazing range of bingo games and other associated fun stuff – with some impressive prizes. Online bingo is popular worldwide and the number of players means that prizes for winning a game, and especially the big jackpots and progressive jackpot prizes begin to look more like lottery wins!

Bigger bingo = bigger prizes!

Traditional bingo games, in a venue, were limited by the number of people which could be seated – but with online bingo there are no such limitations, so the prizes tend to be much bigger than you might win in an old fashioned bingo hall.

This makes playing bingo online even more appealing. Not to mention the bewildering choice of free plays, sign up bonuses, free bingo cash, VIP rewards, and other attractions for regular players. Think cars, vacations and even more – and you’ll get the idea. You’ll soon see why online bingo attracts millions of people from all walks of life, all around the world.

You just need to get lucky once playing online bingo and you could win some serious money! So why not sign up today and have some fun playing bingo online.

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