Aspects that make a Game Stand Out

To make a video game stand above the rest there are many aspects that counts. Over the many hours spent with a game, opinions may change slightly, but there are few key design elements that gives a general idea of what to expect.

There are more to making a game stand out than just some key points, however, without hitting on these important factors it can be guaranteed that a game will not be nearly as great as it could have been. If a game is designed with some of these principles in mind, it is sure to be a massive hit.

These are the most important elements of game design to look for.


There are games that leaves a deep, lasting impression on a gamer creating a feel of themselves being in the world. A video game with a good Immersion makes you forget that you are playing a game and makes you feel like you are in a living, breathing world. The key is for the developer to find a way to restore the immersion after a break and not use mechanics too much.

A great example of an immersive game is Skyrim. When a player enters the world of Skyrim, they become their character. You are thrust into a beautiful, massive world that feels almost as alive as the real world. You can play the game how you choose, and this makes your character feel like it is you. Some mechanics feel like a video game, but for the most part, Skyrim makes you forget that you are playing a video game, and that is a special feat.


The most underrated part of a game is the Music.  A good soundtrack can literally change the feeling of a game. Music helps put the player in the right frame of minds for whatever challenge is ahead. Music is usually something we gloss over;taking it away from a game would make it all feel naked.

Talk about video game music, the epic Mario has got the most iconic music  that even people who do not play video games can easily identify it. Even all the way back in the 8-bit era, it was this music that set the tone for the game.


This one is the catch, in order to keep a player coming back to a game, there has to be something about it that gets them a little addicted. There are needs to be something, otherwise players will move on to the next big thing quickly. With lots of factors that make a game addictive it all comes down to character progression.

Games like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Diablo are some of the most addictive games because they make you care about your character. You want to keep going back and levelling up or getting that new piece of gear.


Even though visuals are a little overrated, they are still an incredibly important part of game design. Appealing the masses without a sharp graphics and a good art style is going to be really hard.

It is not a surprise that every video game review touches on the games graphics and art styles.It might not be the most important thing, but it still is an important part of video game design.


There are more basic aspects of a game that needs to be touched on for a game to work. It needs to be fun, the controls need to work and the mechanics need to be functional. Those are considered to be fundamentals. These are the other aspects that are important after the basics are addressed, and without these, a game will never reach a higher level.

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